Tile Murals Gallery

Designing ceramic tile murals is about unleashing your creativity to explore the blending of art and materials - adding visual excitement to otherwise bland walls or spaces.


ceramic tile tropical mural kitchen backsplash deir


Classic panoramic backsplash - colorful, easy to clean, brightens up a kitchen for years.

ceramic tile kitchen range backsplash deir

Range Wall

Bring a smile to yourself every time you cook on the range with a beautiful mural, resistant to heat, grease, steam and more.

ceramic tile kitchen backsplash deir


Any art or photographic image can be used to decorate your kitchen and bring joy to your family.,


ceramic tile mural shower wall


Enjoy a daily dose of color and life with a beautiful mural on your shower wall, whether floor-to-ceiling or just a pretty inset mural.

bathroom wall ceramic tile mural


Steamy bathroom walls are no match for durable, easy-to-clean ceramic tile with decorative art images to brighten your mornings.

deir bathtub ceramic tile mural


Image soaking in your tub under your favorite scenic photograph or art painting. Splash as much water as you want and your mural will be unaffected.

Pool and Spa

porcelain tile mural swimming pool deir


Underwater or around the sides, tile murals add color and character to your pool with durable, water-proof, easy-to-clean tile.

tile mural art hot tub

Spa & Hot Tub

Make your neighbors jealous with cool tile mural sides and bottom imagery that enhances your water features.

Ceramic tile mural pool waterfall deir


Creatively insert murals into your surrounding walls and waterfall designs to depict animals, foliage and more.

Wall Decor

restaurant ceramic tile mural


Decorative, tough and sanitary tile murals bring personal flair to restaurant dining walls, bars and kitchens.

school tile mural wall decor


Celebrate famous people and public locations with permanent wall murals honoring commitments and successes (schools, military, government).

public art tile mural


Diversify interior common spaces with wall murals to personalize and warm up offices, hallways, conference rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias and more.

Outdoor Walls & Signage

outdoor wall tile mural

Wall Art

Super durable kiln-fired ceramic tile is ideal for outdoors wall murals, designed to last and bring joy to visitors for decades.

Deir ceramic tile mural entrance floor tile


Supplement or replace traditional stone entrance signs with weather- and UV-resistant fired ceramic tile images of your business.

Deir tile mural ceramic address sign

More signage

How about the coolest colorful branded address signs for multi-unit properties, or outdoor plaques for doors and common areas.

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