Tile Mural Overview

Decorate a home or business with art that comes alive on ceramic tiles. Full  color tile murals dramatically display images to accentuate a living or work space and add value to property and living spaces.
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Tile Patterns

Creative wall tile patterns using single tile images in contiguous, alternating or random patterns.

ceramic tile mural water proof

Supreme Durability

Ceramic can last forever.  True fired color glazes will resist exposure to sunlight over many years and are suitable for indoor, outdoor and pool applications.

ceramic tile mural installation easy

Easy Installation

Ceramic tiles can be installed just like any tile from the hardware store... cut with a saw, secure with adhesive, seal with grout, add trim.

Tile and Mural Projects

Thank you for your interest in custom tile and tile murals from Tropical Ceramics!  Residential and commercial spaces can have their own uniquely personalized tiles or tile mural for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, public art, commercial signage, landscape enhancement or the bottom of a pool… the choice is yours!

Tile Pricing is Based Primarily on these Variables:  

1. The size of individual tiles
2. Complexity of color
3. How many pieces are in the order

General Rules of Customizing Tiles with Tropical Ceramics

We customize white porcelain or ceramic tiles.  The surface that you wish to have the artwork applied to must be smooth and glazed; no ridges, divots or textures.

Color and Metallic Restrictions on Tile  

Tropical Ceramics is unable to print metallic or fluorescent colors. We can simulate metallic colors, but the simulation does not reflect light like true metal.

Artwork Replication

If you are interested in using your own artwork or a replica of a painting/drawing on tile, please note that during the firing process in the kiln, some brush strokes and/or color variations may or may not remain visible. Keep in mind that while there may be some compromises in the perfection of the reproduction, the result will be commercially durable and longer lasting than many other processes. In the end, there is no perfect system to duplicate all aspects of artwork.

NOTE: If the artwork is not yours, we will require a signed copyright release stating that you have the rights to duplicate the art.

Artwork Standards

We ask that you send print-ready artwork sized to the dimensions of the tile or finished mural you have chosen. Your artwork should be 300 dpi or greater – given high resolution photos, we can print up to 1200 dpi. We accept JPG, TIF, PDF, PSD and Adobe formats via email or file transfer.

If you are interested in a large mural, the artwork will need to be at least 300 dpi at the finished size; not at a 3” X 5” photograph size. Please note that if changes to the artwork are
necessary OR if you need assistance in creating a design, our graphic team can help.

Color Matching

We DO NOT guarantee color match. We DO guarantee beautiful decorations that are a close representation of your art. As with all printing systems, perfection is unattainable. For us to get as close as possible on color, it is best that you send us a print/hardcopy of your art in the mail, in addition to the high-resolution photo you send via email. This will help to avoid computer screen differences.  

NOTE: Color variation is inherent in all kiln-fired products and due to the custom nature of our process – ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Our tile is true fired ceramic tile. It is decorated with ceramic pigments and then kiln fired to temperatures between 1600- and 2200-degrees Fahrenheit. The decoration is in fact a true ceramic glaze resulting in a ceramic tile with all of the toughness, cleanability, and durability demanded of any ceramic tile.

If the surface is graffiti-painted, they can be cleaned with acetone or steam and the decoration we put on them will be unaffected. Because the decoration is made from ceramic pigment, it is
also essentially infinitely resistant to UV fading.

We (optionally) make dye sublimation tiles for indoor wall décor applications. These tiles have brilliant color and detail, however they are not appropriate for heavy-wear or outdoor use.

Wet Environments/Pools

Tile installations with full-time or frequent water exposure should use porcelain tiles.  Porcelain is a higher density clay and is fired at a higher temperature, making it much more impervious to water
absorption.  Porcelain tiles are ideal for pools, hot tubs and spas, fountains and other water features. The tradeoff to porcelain is higher cost and more difficulty cutting & installing.

Digital Proofs

Once you have placed your order, we will email a digital proof to you free of charge. Please note that this proof is to confirm “sizing and placement” only, NOT color accuracy.

We are not able to provide digital proofs for color as the colors will change with kiln firing. If we do not have a hardcopy from you on file for color-match, we will use our computer monitor for color reference.

Turn-Around Time

Turn-around time depends on the quantity of your order.  Most orders should ship within 3-4 weeks from the date of the final design approval and receipt of payment.

Contact us

If you would like more product, price or technical information about our ceramic tile murals, or have a specific question, please get in touch with us!

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