Technical Specifications

Our ceramic products are engineered to be safe for food industry applications, as well as fully UV-protected for outdoor installations.

  • Cleaning - dishwasher safe (commercial and residential)
  • Cooking - microwave safe
  • UV - completely safe to use outdoors in full sunlight without fading
  • Food Safety - passes USA Federal and California Prop 65 Rules for food safety
    • <MSDS Sheets link>
    • International - certified for Japan, Australia & <xxx> food regulations
  • Technical "Glazed Wall Tile"
    • Thickness - 8mm or 5/16"
    • Face - plain with modified square edges
    • Finish - Bright, opaque
    • Color - bright white
    • Grouting - normal sand or other grout
    • Edge lugs for grout joint, no spacers needed
    • Mounting - backmount with tile adhesive
    • Join width - 1.6mm or 1/16"  [3.2mm or 1/8"]
    • Grade 1 for wall and backsplash use
    • Non-vitreous, 7% water absorption
    • Slip resistant
    • Not frost resistant
    • Residential and light commercial use

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